Resources from Prezi

Jay Smooth – Moving the Race Conversation Forward VIDEO

Abolitionist versus Reformist PHOTO

Repeal Hyde art project SITE

Reproductive justice is… PHOTO

How to center women of color in reproductive justice PHOTO

Ending police violence is reproductive justice PHOTO

Against carceral feminism ARTICLE

HRC is funded by drone manufacturers ARTICLE




Ma Vie en Rose (1997, childhood gender transition)

Gun Hill Road (2011, Latinx, gender, race, incarceration)

Appropriate Behavior (2014, bisexuality, Iranian-American culture)

Pray the devil back to hell (2008, Liberian women, mass action for peace)

The Secrets (2007, sexual orientation, orthodox Judaism)

Circumstance (2011, sexual orientation, Iran)

Wajda (2012, girlhood, Saudi Arabia)

Fire (1996, women’s sexuality, Hindu Indian culture)

My Beautiful Laundrette (1985, comedy drama, Thatcher era London, homosexuality, racism)

Smoke Signals (1998, Native family culture, Coeur d’Alene people of Idaho)

Omar (2013, romance, thriller, Palestine)

The Namesake (2006, immigrant narratives, diaspora experiences)

Lemon Tree (2008, drama, Palestine)

The Lunchbox (2013, romance, India)

Monsoon Wedding (2011, Hindu wedding culture, families, confronting abusers)

Jane the Virgin (2014, subversion of latinx telenovelas)

Master of None (2015, internalized racism, brown anti-blackness, immigrant child guilt)

Short term 12 (2013, the US foster system)

Butter (2011, comedy)

Precious (2009, the mainstream black teen mom narrative)

Pariah (2011, prioritizing outness as a form of homonormativity)

The Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011, orientalism, fetishizing India, british colonialism)

Like Water for Chocolate (1992, food as spirituality/embodiment)

Wetlands (2013, the colonization of disgust)

Snowpiercer (2013, allegory on classism and race in US)

Reel Injun (2009, effects of inaccurate media representation of Indigenous Americans)

The Hairdresser (2010, fat as disability)

Hot Coffee (2011, consumer rights, understanding how media supports corporate interests)

Meet the Patels (2014, arranged marriage, caste, South Asian families)

Tangerine (2015, US, trans woc sex workers)

Mala Mala (2014, Puerto Rico, transantagonism)

Embrace of the Serpent (2015, Indigenous Amazon shaman, colonization)

Bandit Queen (1994, the plight of lowest-caste Dalit women in India)

Mississippi masala (1991, US interracial relationships, black brown dating)

Bazodee (2016, Caribbean interracial relationships, black brown dating)

The Price of the Ticket (1989, James Baldwin documentary)



Ashleigh Shackelford (black fat politics) FACEBOOK

Gazi Kodzo (afrocentrism) FACEBOOK

Virgie Tovar (fat politics) FACEBOOK



Linda Sarsour (Palestinian feminism) FACEBOOK

Mia McKenzie (blog: Black Girl Dangerous) FACEBOOK

J Mase III (tqpoc talent agency: AwQward) FACEBOOK

Ayesha A. Siddiqi TWITTER

Pia Schiavo-Campo (fat politics) FACEBOOK

Kshama Sawant (first socialist public official in US, Seattle) FACEBOOK

Zoe Samudzi FACEBOOK



Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha (sex work, disability justice) BOOK

Staceyann Chin FACEBOOK

Mia Mingus (disability justice) WORDPRESSVIDEO

Jay Smooth VIDEO

Cece McDonald ARTICLE

Crunk Feminist Collective BLOG

Naomi Watanbe (fat playfulness, fat representation) ARTICLE

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie FORGET ABOUT BEING LIKED

Roxane Gay (fatness, blackness) AUTHOR



Nayyirah Waheed INSTAGRAM

Yrsa Daley-Ward BOOK


Warsan Shire INSTAGRAM


Hannah Sofia Ghani TUMBLR

Tapiwa Mugabe TUMBLR

Upile Chisala BOOK


Suheir Hammad on 9/11 YOUTUBE

Kayal Vizhi FACEBOOK

Ena Ganguly FACEBOOK

Vivek Shraya VISUAL

Samantha Peterson SLAM POEM “Desirability is a clever thief”
Ladan Osman

Ijeoma Umebinyuo

Safia Elhillo LISTICLE


Facebook Pages

Nalgona Positivity Pride FACEBOOK


Philadelphia Printworks FACEBOOK

Decolonize your diet FACEBOOK

Decolonizing Yoga FACEBOOK

The Body is Not An Apology FACEBOOK

Spiral Collective FACEBOOK

Philadelphia South Asian Collective FACEBOOK

Bay Area Intifada FACEBOOK

Colorlines FACEBOOK

Black Girl Dangerous FACEBOOK

Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour FACEBOOK

Bay Area Solidarity Summer SOUTH ASIAN YOUTH CAMP

East Coast Solidarity Summer SOUTH ASIAN YOUTH CAMP

Chicago Desi Youth Rising SOUTH ASIAN YOUTH CAMP

Everyday Feminism BLOG

MuslimGirl BLOG

BattyMamzelle BLOG
ReAppropriate BLOG

Tits and Sass FACEBOOK

Race Forward FACEBOOK

Muslim American Women’s Policy Forum FACEBOOK




Sasheer Zamata VIDEO

Nicole Byer VIDEO

Hari Kondabolu VIDEO CLIP

Aamer Rahman VIDEO CLIP

Akilah VIDEO

Leslie Jones VIDEO CLIP

Jus Reign VIDEO


Chescaleigh VIDEO

East India Comedy SEX ED IN INDIA

D’loco Kid ARTICLE

Jessica Williams & Phoebe Robinson 2 DOPE QUEENS

Kumail Nanjiani VIDEO


Politically reactive with W. Kamau Bell and Hari Kondabolu PODCAST



Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Edward Said

Vijay Prashad

Franz Fanon

Paulo Freire

Arundhati Roy

Vandana Shiva

Jasbir Puar

Deepika Marya

Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Ramon Grosfoguel

Chandra Mohanty

Tiffany Lethabo King

Sadiya Hartman


Sylvia Wynter OPEN LETTER

Katherine McKittrick (black female bodies as units of settler space)

Kimberle Crenshaw ARTICLE

Steven Salaita (Palestine) FACEBOOK

Che Gossett TWITTER

Reina Gossett

Rania Khalek

B R Ambedkar LINK






  • The Karma of Brown Folk – Vijay Prashad

  • Consensual Genocide – Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

  • A Patchwork Shawl: Chronicles of South Asian Women in America – Shamita Das Dasgupta

  • Borderlands/La Frontera – Gloria Anzaldua

  • Women without Class: Girls race and identity – Julie Bettie

  • Hair matters: Beauty power and black women’s consciousness – Ingrid Banks

  • From feminist theology to indecent theology – Marcella Althaus-Reid

  • Embodying Latinidad (pages 1-27) from Bananas to Buttocks: The Latina Body in Popular Film and Culture – Myra Mendible

  • Consensual genocide – Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha

  • Disability and Colonialism LINK


  • Desi Hoop Dreams: Pickup Basketball and the Making of Asian American Masculinity BOOK

  • Good girls marry doctors: South Asian American daughters on obedience and rebellion LINK





Finding blingistan: my journey home to the LGBT community in Pakistan ARTICLE

On being a hairy brown girl ARTICLE

Hindu lesbian wedding INTERVIEW

Same gender Hindu wedding TUMBLR

On Hinduism, tradition, and sexuality ARTICLE

On the illusion of post-patriarchal western love marriages ARTICLE

Queer and going to the mosque, feeling Muslim ARTICLE

Islamophobic microaggressions in feminist spaces ARTICLE

Sex talk for Muslim womxn ARTICLE

#RaceAnd discusses intersectionality ARTICLE

The Avon ladies of Pakistan selling contraception door to door ARTICLE

Speaking English as a member of the South Asian diaspora ARTICLE

Challenging casteism STORIFY

Pakistani women fight back against wife beating law ARTICLE

Stop telling me you can’t wait to attend my Indian wedding ARTICLE

South Asian spelling bee winners, who gets to be an all american kid? ARTICLE

Violent Islamophobia in India, radical Hindu right, Hindutva, Hindu nationalism VIDEO

On standing up to your Indian parents BUZZFEED

Savoring culture through Guyanese food VIDEO

When tribal womxn manage India’s forest ARTICLE

In one Pakistani town where Hindus fast and Muslims do not slaughter cows ARTICLE

How the British let 1 million die in famine ARTICLE

What Indian lesbians have to say about a lesbian tv advertisement ARTICLE

What fasting for Ramadan really means FB STATUS

Africans in India say racism is constant ARTICLE

My big fat Indian bachelorhood ARTICLE

A creative path to queer liberation INTERVIEW

5 ways racism hurts Asian Americans ARTICLE

The politics of hair removal for womxn of color ARTICLE

Why Black Lives Matter in Pakistan ARTICLE

Can TV make us not hate ourselves? ARTICLE

The secret history of south asian and black solidarity ARTICLE

Caste Privilege 101: A primer for the privileged ARTICLE(read all 4 pages)

Differences within diasporas ARTICLE

Blackness in brown spaces ARTICLE

Vijay Prasad on the Karma of Uncle Swami PODCAST w/ VIDEO

Are Iranians People of Color? Persian, Muslim, and Model Minority Race Politics? ARTICLE

To  body mod away from brownness and back ARTICLE

Not your tragic queer muslim story ARTICLE

Anti-black racism in India ARTICLE

To the Man Who Shouted “I Like Pork Fried Rice” at Me on the Street POEM

Bangladeshi disaporic identity, garment workers, American Apparel ARTICLE

On asian american “privilege” ARTICLE

Why I refuse to acknowledge #AsianPrivilege ARTICLE

What does it mean to be an empowered muslim womxn BUZZFEED

Cultural appropriation and commodification ARTICLE

Why defending your cultural appropriation is dangerous ARTICLE

Rape seems worse in India than anywhere else- but it actually isn’t ARTICLE

What is wrong with having a “preference” for asian womxn ARTICLE

For Indian Girls: Radical Black Feminism or the American Dream? ARTICLE w VIDEO

Internalized racism in dating preferences ARTICLE

Diwali, casteism, hinduism, brahminical supremacy, holidays ARTICLE

When your brown body is a white wonderland ARTICLE

White Indians ARTICLE

I’m the Safe Kind of Brown: Challenging the Assimilation of the South Asian Diaspora ARTICLE

Body shaming in Pakistan VIDEO

Skin bleaching in the South Asian diaspora LINK

Indigenous solidarity through a Muslim lens ARTICLE

Just me and Allah: A queer Muslim photo project LINK

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Runi goes far beyond whitewashing ARTICLE

Almirah radio hour PODCAST

Chai tea party PODCAST

New zine aims to empower undocumented Asian women ARTICLE

The Nepali tradition of child deities ARTICLE

7 surprising facts about Asian American and Middle Eastern Boys ARTICLE

21 queer Indians recall the exact moment they came out to their parents ARTICLE

4 everyday ways colonialism affects Filipino Americans ARTICLE

Ramadan in the antebellum US ARTICLE

Arundhati Roy explains why casteism is central to the militarism of the Indian state ARTICLE

South Indian pride, Hari Kondabolu VIDEO CLIP

Why Hinduism and caste are two violent sides of the same coin ARTICLE

Fat, femme, fierce, Asian American, immigrant families, non-Western coming out INTERVIEW

Femme art witch blends activism into work to embrace Punjabi heritage ARTICLE

Decolonizing your yoga practice ARTICLE

Young immigrants can identify with Mindy Kaling’s ‘coconut’ crisis ARTICLE

Mindy Kaling only makes out with white guys on The Mindy Project ARTICLE

What I learned having sex as a womxn in Pakistan ARTICLE

Being black in India VIDEO

10 books on Buddhism LINK

Asian American artists and qwoc ARTICLE

Mother, I am sorry for my feminism POEM

Existence as a Muslim South Asian ARTICLE

The emotional toll of state surveillance: Being Muslim the US ARTICLE

Queerness (gender identity, sexual orientation) has always existed in ancient India VIDEO

Indo-Caribbean feminisms TUMBLR

Decolonizing yoga practice LISTICLE

Dalit history month FACEBOOK

Sri Lankan Muslims are low-caste converts not Arab Migrants ARTICLE

Not your tragic queer Muslim story ARTICLE

Islam is a religion of love and the Taj Mahal proves it ARTICLE

The whitewashing of Bollywood ARTICLE

On being Indo-caribbean ARTICLE

How Brahmins killed Buddhism in India ARTICLE

Growing up South Asian in Queens, NY ARTICLE

On South Asian family hxstories, partition ARTICLE

Bangladeshi historical memory project RESOURCE

Living in India as a black persxn ARTICLE

The failed radical possibilities queerness in India ARTICLE

South Asian author on diasporic slurs ARTICLE

On South Asian families, female genital circumcision, and sexuality PODCAST

On being a cross cultural adoptee, alienation, and forced gratitude VIDEO

The personal is political POEM

You’re the model minority until you’re not ARTICLE

5 ways to dismantle the model minority myth ARTICLE

Beyond the model minority myth ARTICLE

Attacks on Africans, anti-blackness  in India ARTICLE

Spelling bees, Indian Americans, race politics ARTICLE

8 signs your yoga practice is culturally appropriated, and why it matters ARTICLE

How I became a Pakistani ARTICLE

Indian yuppies eschewing arranged marriage for online dating ARTICLE

South Asian migrants put in body bags for deportation ARTICLE

I will defend Ramadan Muslims ARTICLE

South Asian sex education poem SLAM POEM

Spirituality, sufism, starbucks, the evil eye ARTICLE

Why dress codes are oppressive ARTICLE

“Overcoming vaginismus” ARTICLE

8 Hollywood industry tales of racism ARTICLE

South Asian fatherhood POEM

Resources for non-black Asians on anti-blackness MEGA RESOURCE SHEET

Seoul searching and the anti-blackness of Asian excellence ARTICLE

Feminism and Islam starter pack LIST

Sexual health in the South Asian community ARTICLE

Casteism is part of the trans South Asian experience VIDEO

The Dalit-Bahujan guide to understanding caste in Hindu scripture ARTICLE

Qandeel Baloch and the importance of loud women ARTICLE

No country for bold women ARTICLE

Desi-African musical connections ARTICLE

MIA, Afropunk, and the death of Amerikan hegemony ARTICLE

Indian army should leave Kashmir ARTICLE

Noam Chomsky speaks on Kashmir, compared with Palestine ARTICLE

Kashmir, and the inheritance of loss ARTICLE

You, me, and colonial standards of beauty ARTICLE

Black lives matter toolkit for Muslims TOOLKIT

Indians debt to Black America ARTICLE

Know your rights: what to do if homeland security visits you at home VIDEO

On why using “South Asian” & “Desi” umbrella terms erases differences in the diaspora LINK



Palestine and anti-carceral feminism FB STATUS

6 reasons why pinkwashing Israel on gay rights is so wrong LISTICLE

On pinkwashing and homonationalism ARTICLE

Israel cuts off water supply to West Bank during Ramadan ARTICLE

The Ethiopian-Israeli struggle ARTICLE

On the homelessness caused by Palestinian colonization ARTICLE

Israeli occupation of Palestine through cultural theft, cultural erasure through food ARTICLE

Israel has no right to exist, and neither does the U.S. ARTICLE

6 genders of classical Judaism ARTICLE

Ethiopian women in Israel given contraceptive without consent ARTICLE

By brutalizing Palestinians, Israel dehumanizes itself ARTICLE



How folks learn to kill themselves/commit suicide in prisons ARTICLE

How tasers kill folks and create life long problems ARTICLE

Our hatred of rape should not make us proponents of prison ARTICLE

How teens got police and military-grade weapons out of their high school ARTICLE

Why is the private prison industry funding LGBT organizations? ARTICLE

4 reasons the U.S. police force is an extension of slavery and white supremacy LISTICLE

A queer hxstory of gentrification and policing ARTICLE

How OITNB misrepresents women’s prisons and why it matters ARTICLE

Clinton approved CIA drone assassinations with her cellphone ARTICLE

Last time the Clintons were in the White House they dismantled black communities ARTICLE

1.6M students go to schools that employ cops, but no counselors ARTICLE

Why are there so many Maori in New Zealand’s prisons? ARTICLE

Why the growing alliance between police and white LGBTQIA+ folks is a problem ARTICLE

America’s war on black girls: Why McKinney police violence isn’t about “one bad apple” ARTICLE

On abolition, decolonization, and insurgent politics ARTICLE

On teaching decolonizing methodologies ARTICLE

On the surveillance/policing/torture of activists outside the US ARTICLE

Solitary confinement is no touch torture ARTICLE

On prison labor FB STATUS

The global policing crisis ARTICLE

Aging, sick, and incarcerated: The need for compassionate release ARTICLE

12 mainstream corporations benefiting from the prison industrial complex LIST

Origins of the police ARTICLE

Police murders of Indigenous folks ARTICLE

De-arrest is beautiful LIST

The abolition of the carceral police state may seem utopian, but… FB STATUS

Abolishing the police is a solution we need to start taking seriously ARTICLE


1850 slave patrol versus 2015 law enforcement ARTICLE

The police were created to control working class and poor people ARTICLE

Policing poor people’s survival strategies from Eric Garner to Alton Sterling ARTICLE

On carceral reformism and necropolitics FB STATUS

The link between US police brutality and Israeli militarism FB STATUS

Teaching about race, racism, and police violence RESOURCES

Heartwarming bbqs and hugging cops ain’t the solution ARTICLE

To fight for black lives is to be anti-police ARTICLE



All the dead boys look like me POEM

80% of LGBT killed are ethnic and racial minorities ARTICLE

5 Muslim nations where being gay is legal ARTICLE

The 2nd amendment was ratified to preserve slavery ARTICLE

How to talk to a queer person who’s afraid of dying ARTICLE

The role of toxic masculinity in mass shootings ARTICLE

Why this is not the time to blame ISIS or “terrorism” or “jihad” ARTICLE

Wounded Knee is the largest mass shooting in US hxstory ARTICLE

For the queers who died bc the world called our bodies disposable ARTICLE

Toxic masculinity causes gun violence ARTICLE

Black LGBTs break the internet ARTICLE

Islam’s complicated relationship w homosexuality ARTICLE

11 steps to help process the Orlando massacre ARTICLE

Do not militarize our mourning ARTICLE

Everything is awful and I’m not okay: Questions to ask before giving up LIST

4 reasons it’s oppressive to discuss gender and sexuality without naming race ARTICLE

The hypermasculine violence of Omar Mateen and Brock Turner ARTICLE

What mass killings and domestic violence have in common ARTICLE

What it really means for the criminalization of poc when we ask for gun control ARTICLE

Queer, Muslim, and unwelcome at the new Stonewall ARTICLE

What it’s like to be a lesbian in Russia after the massacre ARTICLE

Gun control’s racist reality: Giving police more power ARTICLE

To my LGBTQ son after Pulse ARTICLE

America’s gun problem has to do with America’s masculinity problem ARTICLE

Queerability statement STATUS

The Orlando shooter was the product of US masculinity ARTICLE

In praise of Latin night at the gay club ARTICLE

The long hxstory of violence in US LGBTQ clubs ARTICLE

Only when I’m dancing can I feel this free ARTICLE

Clinton calls for US ‘intelligence surge’ in wake of Orlando attack ARTICLE

Resources for grieving WORDPRESS

Stop exploiting LGBT issues to demonize Islam and justify anti-Muslim policies ARTICLE

It’s not safe to be a qpoc in America ARTICLE

Of course, ISIS claims responsibility for mass casualty attack ARTICLE

Save your prayers: What the LGBTQIA+ community needs from you ARTICLE

Don’t fall into the Islamophobic and ableist trap ARTICLE

Trans queer Latinx respond to the shooting VIDEO w SUBTITLES

Queer necropolitics ARTICLE



Why do we use latinx ARTICLE

10 LGBT Latinx films to watch LIST

16 examples of abuelita’s body shaming ARTICLE

6 things we learned about Diego Rivera from his daughter recent talk ARTICLE

Berta Caceres’ assassination & Clinton’s backing of Honduran coup ARTICLE

Being a child of African immigrants SHORT VIDEO

Why I don’t want to talk about race ARTICLE

Immigrant experiences in the US ARTICLE

On being a first generation immigrant ARTICLE

Anti-blackness is a theory TUMBLR

Challenging discourse around anti-blackness TUMBLR

Social justice journal JOURNAL

People of color unawareness YOUTUBE LECTURE

Being the mother/daughter of a “woke brown daughter” ARTICLE

On being a 1.5 generation immigrant ARTICLE

Bilingual undocumented migration herstories ARTICLE

5 Latinas on reclaiming the word fat ARTICLE

The black hxstory of racist swimming pools ARTICLE

Black girl freedom ARTICLE

Black people are not more homophobic than anyone else ARTICLE

The end of black Harlem ARTICLE

On the racial erosion of the US coasts ARTICLE

Self care is radical TUMBLR

MTV social justice pop culture news SITE

The invention of the term hispanic ARTICLE

The meme of Africa in the black diasporas ARTICLE

Culture as the core of resistance (Hawaii, hula) VIDEO

On zoos and carceral spaces, race politics ARTICLE

Harsh truths of being a black abortion doctor in the deep south ARTICLE

The reality of dating white women when you’re black ARTICLE

The reality of being a black woman ARTICLE

Nobody cares that you date white girls ARTICLE

Seeking therapy as a non-white person ARTICLE

Why trans suicides are also murders ARTICLE

10 black latinx people who changed hxstory ARTICLE

Argentinian sex workers, labor activism, visual protest ARTICLE

Brazil, imperialism of FIFA, visual protest ARTICLE

Stop calling Jamaica the most homophobic place on earth ARTICLE

Lessons black hair teaches everyone ARTICLE

Kenyan grandpas PHOTO SERIES

LGBT struggles go beyond marriage equality ARTICLE

Latinx police murders VIDEO

Queer latina feminist podcast RADIO MENEA

Afrolatinx feminism 101 VIDEO

The Afro-Iranian community ARTICLE



A chronological list of things men said to me after I told them I had herpes ARTICLE

10 reasons to give up ableist language LISTICLE

STIs aren’t a consequence, they’re inevitable VIDEO w TRANSCRIPT

Wheelchair accessible garden KIT

3 ways casual ableism shows up in everyday language ARTICLE

30+ alternatives to ableist and homophobic phrases ARTICLE

Mental illness is not just a white person’s disease ARTICLE

Disability is not inability TUMBLR

Long term marijuana use is not associated with a raft of physical health problems ARTICLE

Writing culture has an ableism problem

Disabled parenting project ARTICLE

A critique of “Me Before You” ARTICLE

I went to the hospital to give birth and tested positive for meth ARTICLE

Becoming disabled by choice ARTICLE

The black disabled womxn syllabus LINK

This American Life: Fat PODCAST

What to say at the doctor’s office when you’re fat ARTICLE

How do I make it through grad school as a fat poc ARTICLE

Fighting fatphobia for reasons outside of body image ARTICLE

What’s wrong with fat? PODCAST

The dangers of shaming fat kids ARTICLE

What your fat friend needs from you ARTICLE

22 examples of thin privilege LISTICLE

Medical fatphobia nearly killed my friend ARTICLE

Weight loss surgery as a medically assisted eating disorder ARTICLE

9 backhanded compliments fat girls are tired of hearing ARTICLE

Edgy plus size clothes retailers LIST

Why the body diversity on OITNB is so important ARTICLE

Chub rub and thigh chafing: A traveler’s toolkit LINK

Dear non-fat friends LETTER

Plus size androgyny LINK

She’s not that fat ARTICLE

The myth of the chubby chaser ARTICLE


Traumatic brain injury (TBI), sex, and relationships ARTICLE

I don’t care if you’re healthy ARTICLE

Things no one will tell fat girls ARTICLE

On complex PTSD LINK

Empathy cards for serious illness LINK

On policing, sex work, and harm reduction: Cops are not social workers SHORT VIDEO

We need to talk about the treatment of black strippers in the sex industry ARTICLE

Tattoos and disability ARTICLE

25 women of color (woc) plus size bloggers to follow LISTICLE

Chronic pain, disability, living to get old ARTICLE

Sex and down syndrome ARTICLE

Sexuality and disability LINK

On desirability, queerness, and disability ARTICLE

Autistic while black: the erasure of blacks from hxstories of Autism ARTICLE

On tough love and your fat friend’s health ARTICLE

Disability and teenaged sexuality ARTICLE

The fat ballerina VIDEO

Life for sex workers also using heroine ARTICLE

What fat folks need when talking about bodies ARTICLE

Unsexy women: Love, sex, and marginalized bodies ARTICLE

You don’t have to love your body ARTICLE

A call to action for allies in fat positivity ARTICLE

6 answers to your questions about the fat acceptance movement ARTICLE

Depression is political ARTICLE

Fat while flying (on airplanes) ARTICLE

Disability and access TOOLKIT

10 badass disabled women you should know about LIST

My hate for fast food is a vehicle for my hate for poor people IMAGE

Food deserts aren’t the problem ARTICLE

Sex, alcohol, desire, gender norms ARTICLE

The revolution will not be sober, the politics of pleasure ARTICLE

Body positivity and the dad-bod phenomenon ARTICLE

Vibrators for older women: How to buy the right one ARTICLE

So I’ve gained weight. So what? ARTICLE

Poor people deserve to taste something other than shame, food politics ARTICLE

Poverty, race, and reproductive justice ARTICLE

Why the elimination of ableist language matters LISTICLE

What if mental health first aid were as common as CPR ARTICLE

The disabled and United Airlines ARTICLE

Parenting and disability: why we need to keep talking about it ARTICLE

The perfect body is a lie ARTICLE

Being chronically ill and afraid of being lazy/unproductive/anti-capitalist ARTICLE

Self-compassion instead of self-esteem ARTICLE

Mental health in the South Asian diaspora ARTICLE

Why I don’t diet: An ode to my father ARTICLE

On fatness, desirability, and socialization ARTICLE

Ways activism can be elitist and inaccessible LISTICLE

16 steps to improve your body image LISTICLE

On being black and disabled ARTICLE

Disability inspiration porn ARTICLE

Juicing is bad for you and the earth ARTICLE

Queer disabled sexuality PART 2PART 3

Prescribing medically-assisted stomach pumping to fat people ARTICLE

When you’re too mentally ill to (gender) transition ARTICLE

Sorry, pride only celebrates your body if you’re fit ARTICLE

Is staying thin easy? It doesn’t matter ARTICLE

Shit abled people say ARTICLE

Gifted with bipolar VIDEO

When your fat friend dates ARTICLE

Trans community, body positivity, and fatphobia ARTICLE

The unhelpful truth behind wellness and clean eating ARTICLE

Why wellness isn’t the answer to overwork ARTICLE

How wellness and self care became a sinister ideology ARTICLE

Choosing wellness is an act of resistance ARTICLE

Fatphobia is violence ARTICLE

Police are murdering disabled black people ARTICLE

26 ways to be in the struggle beyond the streets PDF

14 black disabled womxn who made a powerful impact in life and self love ARTICLE

Dear fatphobics ARTICLE

On spoons, sand, and the profound privilege of white time ARTICLE

On Being Fat, Brown, Femme, Ugly, and Unloveable ARTICLE

Moving toward the ugly: A politic beyond desirability ARTICLE

Why are fat womxn expected to do so much emotional labor? ARTICLE

I date fat womxn and I wish everyone would stop being jerks about it ARTICLE

Lydia X.Z. Brown on ableism and racialized Autism INTERVIEW

Being comfortable with our bodies and accepting others RADIO INTERVIEW



What misogynistic men teach their daughters ARTICLE

Social justice books for kids to teach about global issues LIST

6 ways we accidentally teach our kids rape culture ARTICLE

How a father should love ARTICLE

Same sex love in a children’s book ARTICLE

Parenting for liberation PODCAST SERIES

LGBTQ videos for pre-schoolers ARTICLE

How do we protect children from sexual assault ARTICLE

30 Asian & Asian American children’s books for 0-18 LINK

7 tips for white parents to talk to their kids about police murders of black people ARTICLE

7 harmful ways parents wield adultism ARTICLE

8 lies about teen pregnancy ARTICLE

100 race conscious things you can say to your child to advance racial justice ARTICLE

The conversation we must have with our children ARTICLE

Talking to kids about racism ARTICLE

Alton Sterling’s death forever changes the way I will raise my white sons ARTICLE

A modern tale of sexual surveillance (child sexuality content) ARTICLE



Militarism, social justice, the DREAM Act, and the repeal of DODA ARTICLE

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