weight-inclusive wellness

I offer an extraordinary pro-body perspective that is exclusively anti-diet. This means I will never invoke moral food code by telling you to replace foods you love with foods you hate. I operate from a deeply body positive model, which teaches body acceptance and eventually body love by first healing body image trauma from within. This involves rejecting external pressure from diet culture and re-centering around our body's inner compass. I also construct workshops for clinicians to learn to recognize fat culture and treat fat trauma.

sexual trauma

For more than 6 years I have worked with individuals (ages 13+) who have experienced domestic and sexual violence. As a sex therapist trained to address generalized sexuality-related issues, I have specially-defined expertise within this domain of gendered violence and sexual trauma. At the intersection of warm comfort and radical acceptance, my therapeutic foundation feels more like a post-trauma doula. I provide a non-medical guided-experience after sexual trauma, using physical and emotional support to help clients realize their new realities.

decolonial sexualities

Sexuality is morphed by the pressures of compounding oppressions, which is why I offer solution-focused workshops that affirm the colonized experience and contribute to the radical imagination of our decolonial sexual futures. We must unlearn the ways we are forced to exist normally, and begin to imagine the ways we can flourish outside of this pressurized system. By aggregating individual forms of sexual resistance, I am able to weave together workshops explaining broader ideas of collective sexual liberation.